The quality of the interior design contributes to better quality of life in the workplace. This is clear on every floor of LANDSCAPE, in the natural-daylight work areas that offer the unique opportunity in La Défense of an open window, in the exceptional double-height spaces that dot the floor plates and in the fluid traffic patterns.



LANDSCAPE allows for diverse ways of working. Quite naturally, employees transition from individual to team work in double-height spaces on each floor. They can also share informal moments in landscaped outdoor areas or meet up in dedicated co-working spaces. The flexible interior design adapts to every type of need.


Main entrance on Place des Degrés, designed to channel traffic

Upper level entryway with areas to relax

Unique 2,300 sq.m floor plates punctuated by double-depth windows

Floor plates divided into separate areas

A feeling of spaciousness to clear the mind

An opening onto new horizons